Get involved.


The Committee to Elect Todd E. Davis for HUSD 2018 cordially invites your organization to participate in our upcoming campaign events and fundraisers as we work toward electing Todd E. Davis to the Hayward School Board. It will be an opportunity for your organization to connect with community members who want to see the Hayward School District meet its potential to provide quality education for our kids.
The majority of Hayward students perform below average on state-sponsored math and English assessment exams. Our current School Board hasn’t done enough to address the issues affecting students who have faced abuse or immigration problems, or who are socially and economically disadvantaged, foster or special needs children, and live in communities of color.
Our committee believes this district must address the unique problems that exist in our community that affect the students within these groups. We also believe the district has not instituted substantive policies to ensure the academic success of Hayward’s youth.
We want to change that by electing Todd E. Davis. Through collaborative partnerships with organizations such as yours, we can build an inclusive campaign, environment, and support network for Hayward’s youth. Our campaign will work to correct this district’s deficiencies and improve the future of Hayward’s youth. We invite your partnership with this effort in this election term. Our committee encourages involvement on multiple fronts. We always have a need for monetary contributions, but appreciate help with precinct walking, phone banking and spreading the word, that Hayward needs a change on their School Board and that change is Todd E. Davis. Additionally, we have upcoming fundraising events and would love for you to participate with us.


Event list


  • Meet and Greet Campaign Fundraiser:

  • Candidate Fundraiser Hosted by Hayward Chamber of Commerce:

-August 30th


  •  Meet & Greet/Fundraiser Woodland Estates Club House

        -3 to 5 pm. 2494 OAKES DRIVE, HAYWARD CA